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Nessa UVC Air Purifier and Disinfection Lamp | UVC + Ozone | 36W with Remote Control and Human Sensor | Anti Bacterial Sterilizer

24,980.00 13,990.00 +GST

  • ✅Purify the air, remote control through the wall, control the number of times. delayed start 30 seconds, 10M remote control.
  • ✅Efficient cleaning, U-V+o-zone can be 360 ° clean, efficient sterilization, remove f-ormaldehyde odor, purify the air
  • ✅Efficient and portable: an-tibac rate reaches 99%, removes and kills viruses, allergens, molds, and effectively improves the living environment.
  • ✅Safe and durable: High-purity quartz glass tube means more durable, and its lamp life reaches 8000 hours.
  • ✅Wide range of uses: can be used at home, school, kindergarten, hospital, etc.It is recommended that each s-terilization time is more than 15 minutes; in the same space, it is recommended to move more according to the position.