AC Based Products

50W RGB Floodlight-NES-RGB-50



Product Model NES-RGB-50
Power 50W
Input Range 230 V AC
Operating Frequency 50 ± 3% Hz
Primary Thermal Management Single Piece MCPCB with Thermal Pads
Secondary Thermal Management High Pressure Aluminium Die Cast
Number of LEDs* 33
Net Power Consumption 50± 10% W
Maximum Temperature of Heat Sink 65° C
Color RGB
Optics Focused Lens
Features Adaptor- for Converting 230V AC to 12V DC,
Amplifier- For Multiple Connection Of Lights,
Controller With Remote- it Comes Up With RF Wireless Remote with Advance PWM Control Technique to Control Different Static Colours & Color Changing Effects without Any Flicker,
LED Driver with Constant Current,
Adjustable speed for all color changing effects,
Remote Range from Controller : 20m.
Storage Temperature 35°C

*Available from 20-100 Watt, Number of LEDs will be Change Accordingly.