Batteryless Solar Street Light


Power 45W
Solar Panel 12V 150W
Battery Size Inbuilt Li-ion Battery with 16-18 hour autonomy
Primary Thermal Management Single Piece MCPCB with thermal pads
Secondary Thermal Management High Pressure Aluminium DieCast
Dimming Option Yes
Driver Efficiency >85%
Net Power Consumption 45 ± 10% W
LED Luminous Efficacy >= 145 lm/W
CRI >70
Light Source OSRAM LED
Maximum Temperature of Heat Sink 65° C
Color Cool White,Warm White
Color Temperature 2700-6500 K
Led Beam Angle 120°
Optics 70*140 or 85*135
Features Battery Indication Level, Battery Zero voltage protection, Automatic Dusk
to Dawn Operation with Power Saving Mode , Battery Over Voltage & Low Voltage
Protection, Fast Charging Time Compared to SMF/Tubular Battery
Storage Temperature 35°C
Working Life >50000 Hrs.
Dimension* (340X150X95)mm
IP Rating IP65